Pros and Cons of Online College Degrees

Earning any college degree has never been easy. That is why many people do not actually complete a college education. But because the landscape of education is also changing, online college degrees have become accessible. Thus, people who do not have the time to attend to formal college classes are given the opportunity to learn knowledge and skills that are usually taught in tertiary education institutions.

Online college degrees have advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the programs are not just full of pros. Just like any great program and opportunity, there are also cons. You may not be fully aware of such pros and cons so here you go.

Pros of online college degrees

Flexibility of time or schedules is evident. Online students could easily and conveniently attend classes at midnight, early in the morning, or whatever time their schedules permit. Thus, learners are given the rare liberty and opportunity to choose how and when to attend classes. They could attend online classes during their lunch breaks at work or sneak in several minutes during the idle hours at the office.

Online students could opt to stay at home while learning. They could attend online classes whenever they have time at home. All they need to do is go to their computer,and go to class.
Because there is no need to come to classrooms, students could save not only effort and time but also money on transportation costs.

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Cons of online college degrees

Procrastination becomes a plague that hampers online students’ momentum to learn. This could not be blamed on the present curriculum but on the pacing that online students take.  The usual scenario is that most online students tend to take it slowly. They could not be blamed for it because most of them have daytime jobs to attend to. They are also busy with so many other things. Studies suffer. Thus, instead of completing a degree in a prescribed period, most online students tend to extend their student lives.

Many students end up victimized by ‘diploma mills.’ Diploma mills are fake online education centers or institutions that pretend to offer online college degrees only to defraud unsuspecting online students/ victims. Diploma mills could also be identified as Internet-based schools that are there only interested in taking away your money unjustly without providing the equivalent quality education. Such centers require the most minimal actual online learning time, something some students like.

Because of the minimal amount of time used for learning, students usually learn nothing much. Beware because diploma mills could also include legal and accredited institutions that operate legally. They make online college degrees not worth it.

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